5 tips to encourage creativity in children


5 tips to encourage creativity in children

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Some people are more creative than others; fact. For every David Hockney or Mozart there are thousands of enthusiastic amateurs who are creative as a hobby but know they aren't good enough to make a living from it. This in turn makes many parents thinks that their children will find out for themselves if they have a creative bent, when it fact there are several ways you can encourage children to be creative and bring out that natural talent if it exists, and here are just 5 of them.


Art Time

As soon as a child can hold a pen they will scribble, even if it is over themselves, the dog, and anything else around them. By sitting drawing and colouring with them from an early age and putting up their pictures they will quickly associate drawing with paper. Educational supplier CostcuttersUK would advise that as they get older introduce painting, stencils and making things such as masks into the mix, thus laying the foundations for artistic creativity as adult.


Children love music. They love listening to it, dancing to it and playing it. While many parents cringe at the thought of their little ones banging a drum or plonking on a keyboard you have to look at the bigger picture. Music is a recognised therapy and the world's most popular pastime and even if your child doesn't become a world superstar they can still enjoy making music as a therapeutic pastime in the years to come.


By reading to a child you are encouraging their imagination as they paint pictures in their mind that corresponds with the words you are speaking. There is nothing in the world like a child's imagination and by helping them to develop this you are sending them down a great road. You can take it one step further and encourage them to draw pictures to go with the books you are reading to them, and thus their creativity juices will be flowing.


Kids start to play 'pretend' from a very early age, and you can be entertained for hours just watching them in their own little world. Bananas become phones, imaginary cups of tea are poured and drunk, whatever you child does as part of their imaginary play is all good. As a child gets older the pretend play becomes more sophisticated, and whether they are charging around as dinosaurs or dancing around being a fairy they are stimulating their own imagination by creating new make believe stories which they are a part of. Join in with these games when you can, it sends out the messages that you believe their ideas are both worthy of your time and important. This is turn builds their self-esteem, which can be crucial to some children.

Kitchen Assistant

Whether you become a cordon bleu chef or not, cooking is one of the most self-satisfying and enjoyable skills you can have. By cooking simple things such as crispy cakes or cookies with your children will give them a chance to make food items that they then get to eat, which kids love. As they grow you can encourage them to help you make lunch and dinner and plant the seeds for the cooks of the future.

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