Colourised Photographs from the Second World War

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Colourised Photographs from the Second World War

Two weeks ago I wrote about colourisation of First World War photographs. By the Second World War much of the footage and photography was in colour, though a large proportion remained in black and white. As with the First World War, these photos have become subject to colourisation projects. The results are again quite interesting. Here’s a selection of some of the best sites I’ve found on Second World War colourisation projects.

As with the First World War there is a dedicated group of enthusiasts who have collanorated on a colourisation project sing Facebook as a means of sharing their work. The WW2 Colourisation Group has some fantastic images on it’s page and as with the FWW page, it’s well worth liking and receiving regular updates, definitely one for any official departmental FB page to add to it’s list to follow.

Colourised image from the Second World War

Again Pinterest is a useful place to go for a Historical topic and colourisation of World War Two photographs is no execption. This Pintereest page contains plenty of great colourised photos – and some that were originally taken as Colour snaps, though it tends to point out which ones they are.

Guam Landings

Guam Landings as found on the Pinterest page above

The next example, I have to confess might be colourisation or could be simply digital enhancement. Either way, it’s an example of how well old photographs can be transformed using modern technologies. The site is quite extensive in it’s coverage of the war but this particular page has a small but carefully selected batch of photographs. Having seen some of these eleswhere I have to agree with the author of the article that the results are quite astounding. Here’s one of a B-17 Bomber being fitted out, with a click through to the page it was sourced from.

Guam Landings

I’m saving possibly the best until last here. This gallery is mainly focused on US Forces and war related activities but the quality is very high indeed. I’ll let you click through to the site to find out more but here’s one example, picked at random as I liked all of them!

Colourised Photo from WW2

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