Encourage Their (Your Children’s) Creativity with Music Lessons


Encourage Their (Your Children’s) Creativity with Music Lessons

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Do you want to enhance or improve the creativity and mental performance of your children? One way of doing it even at a young age is through music lessons. If you want to maximize the benefits of music to your children, then you should start early while they are still not at school. There’s no specific form of music lesson as well as a particular type of instrument like piano lessons or violin lessons. You’ll just have to discover what type on instrument your child is interested in.


How music enhances creativity in children

The next question that would certainly pop on your mind is the connection of music to creativity. How does playing music install and enhance creativity in children? Here’s how:

  • Music helps develop children’s innate creative skills or abilities. When an individual eventually learns to play any particular musical instrument, he or she will no longer be limited to memorizing musical notes. Aside from knowing how to play a certain piece, he or she will also try to discover new rhythms or melodies on his or her own. Have you noticed that when you hand a musical instrument to a child, he or she will play it randomly and try to compose new melodies even if it’s not that good yet? This is how music lessons instigate creativity, by bringing that interest to try and discover.

  • Playing music or instruments builds that foundation in learning. When you enroll your child to piano lessons, violin lessons, etc, you are actually introducing to him or her the basics of education and learning. How? With music lessons, the child will learn how to memorize, recognize and distinguish individual notes, and learn to be coherent and follow the rules to be able to produce the desired melody or music. These are learning foundations that will also be useful at school.

  • It helps build that confidence to try. Creativity or interest is useless if your child hesitates or is afraid to try and implement his or her ideas. This is one of the benefits of music. It helps eliminate all your child’s worries, hesitations, anxiety, and eventually builds that courage and confidence. One of the best moments that would show that confidence is of course, your child’s recital.

Tips for introducing music to your children

If this would be the first time for your children to get acquainted with piano lessons, violin lessons, and other types of music lessons, it is important to have a good approach to preserve that interest in music. Here are some creative ways and tips from First Tutors on how to introduce music to your children:

  • Give them toy instruments. To prepare them for the real ones, it’s more interesting to include instruments in their collection of toys.

  • Let them watch musical-themed shows or cartoons. TV is one of the top influences for children. If they see their favorite characters singing, dancing, and playing instruments, they will try to mimic and be interested with piano lessons, violin lessons, etc.

  • Enroll or let them participate in children’s musical workshops or groups. Finally, the best influence for your child will be children or his or her friends. Consider music lessons as part of fun or regular playing.

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