History of Healing At Home


History of Healing at Home

Throughout time people have made use of herbal remedies for a range of ailments. The most common place to find this type of healing is at home. Healing at home is nothing new, it goes back as far as the oldest records. This post identifies a number of common illnesses and shows how herbal remedies have been used to alleviate the problem at different points in time.

Healing at Home

Indigestion: The Ancient Egyptians used Camomile as a remedy for indigestion. In the Middle Ages it was used in Europe. We now know that Camomile has a chemical in it which acts as an anti-inflammatory and it continues to be used today. Another herbal remedy that was popular before the introduction of aspirin was Feverfew. This herb was eaten in a sandwich.

Diarrhoea: Portuguese explorers brought Cinnamon into European medicine. This was used for Diarrhoea and other bowel problems. Ginger has also been used for stomach problems. For example the Anglo-Saxons developed Ginger Beer as a remedy for stomach pains.

Coughs: Throughout the Ancient World Liquorice was commonly used to sooth sore throats and to ease coughs. It is also commonly used in traditional Chinese medicines.

Infections: The Ancient Greeks often placed Honey onto wounds to speed up the healing process. Recent research has also shown that Honey is good at combatting staphylococcus aureus, a particularly nasty bug that is found in hospitals.

Fever: In the 15th and 16th centuries herbalists prescribed the use of Willow for fevers. The wilow bark would be boiled up then drunk once it had cooled down.

Herbal potions have also been used over time as ‘tonics’ designed to keep people fit and healthy. Galric has been used in this way from Ancient times.

For a longer list of examples of herbal remedies, seethis site which looks at how the herbs were used in the past and what modern uses there are of each herb.

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Ayurvedic Medicines originated in India and make use of herbal remedies. See this site for more information.

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