Infographic: Casualties of the American Civil War


Infographic: Casualties of the American Civil War

An animated map illustrating the time, place and scale of casualties during the American Civil War has been released. The map utilises Google API alongside other technologies to provide a zoomable map that can be played through, or looked at on a day by day basis.

The map is the result of research by a Cartographer at the Washington Post. There are some 4300 engagements included in the work which includes all of the major engagements of the American Civil War. In an interview published here, the Cartographer leading this project states that research will continue on the engagements of the Civil War to try and make the infographic as comprehensive as possible: there are supposedly some 10,000 engagements, including skirmishes, in the conflict.

Click here to access the Washington Post Interactive Map of Casualties of the American Civil War. The site also links to other Washington Post work on the American Civil War, all of which looks pretty good!

Screenshot of the Casualties of the American Civil War Infographic

I find this not only highly illuminating but an incredibly powerful teaching aid. I only hope similar work can be done for other major conflicts as this is a very powerful method of demonstrating the destructive nature and scale of warfare.

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