Things to do in Bingley in the Summer Holidays

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Things to do in Bingley in the Summer Holidays

The latest instalment of our look at places to go and things to do during the holidays takes a look at Bingley and the surrounding area. Bingley is a small town in the Aire Valley. Close to Bradford and Leeds, the town is famed for the Five Rise Locks and it’s annual music festival – Bingley Music Live.

Five Rise Locks Bingley

The Five Rise Locks

When the Leeds to Liverpool Canal company plotted their route, they faced several problems. First, they have the geography of the Pennines to overcome. Second, they needed to maximise the number of investors and potential clients. These combined to plot a route that avoided the steepest of the Pennine hills, but took in many mill towns. At Bingley though, the inevitable task of facing a sharp incline would have to be tackled. At Bingley the canal would need to rise some ninety feet. To do this, the engineers deployed a system of locks. These manipulate the flow of water to allow a narrow boat to rise, or descend through the lock system. There is a smaller set of three locks at Bingley, that rises some thirty feet. This is then followed by the famous five rise locks. The locks were operational in time for the opening of the canal in 1774. These locks are operated by a lock keeper. Visitors are advised to keep back from the sides as the locks are deep and dangerous. The Five Rise Locks are roughly half a mile from Bingley railway station, which is on the Airedale line. There is a cafe at the top of the lock system.

St. Ives

St. Ives is a well known local park, moorland and golf course. It has a good adventure playground for children. There are nature walks of varying lengths and levels of difficulty. The estate also incorporates a lot of moorland for longer walks. St. Ives also has a well established golf club that visitors are able to use. See the course website for prices and details.

Bingley Music Live

Celebrating it’s tenth anniversary this year the Bingley Music Live festival has grown into a well respected and quite large event. It regularly attracts well known artists from a range of genres. The event is taking place over the first weekend in September. This year it features acts such as Echo and the Bunnymen, All Saints, Travis, Sigma and many more. The full line up and ticketing details are here.

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