Things to do and places to visit near Shipley and Saltaire

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Things to do and places to visit near Shipley and Saltaire

Shipley is a small town in the Aire Valley. It is four miles from Bradford. The Leeds to Liverpool canal runs through the town. Shipley is adjacent to the World Heritage site of Saltaire and home to the famous Shipley Glen Funicular Railway.

Salts Mill

Saltaire Village

Saltaire dominates the tourist attractions in and around Shipley. The model village was built by Titus Salt for his workers. The village and mill were ready for 1851. The village is notable for the quality of housing, schools and medical provision for the workers. The mill itself is considered an architectural masterpiece and, notably for the time, attempted to ensure that the streets were not polluted by smoke from the factory. Nowadays part of the mill remains in industrial use, but the majority is used by interesting retail outlets, bookstalls and cafes. The mill is also home to a permanent David Hockney gallery.

The village adjoins the River Aire, Leeds to Liverpool Canal and the railway line, therefore making the most of all of the available transport methods and the renewable energy of the River Aire. The mill is highly popular with tourists but the village is also worth looking around. Apart from noting the quality of housing and the almshouses, features such as Titus Salt’s mausoleum are of interest.

Roberts Park

Just across the river from the parts of the mill that are open to the public is Roberts Park. The park was designed to give Salt’s workers fresh air and exercise. It has recently been refurbished and contains a skateboarding area as well as a bandstand.

Shipley Glen Tramway

The tramway is the oldest funicular railway in the British Isles, having opened in 1895. The tramway can be found through Roberts Park. Running at a maximum gradient of one in seven, the tram runs to Shipley Glen, from where there are very good views of Salts Mill and Saltaire. The tramway has a museum that is currently being refurbished. As a volunteer run enterprise, the service is usually limited to weekends but sometimes has additional services during the summer. Check the website for further details.

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