Things to do in Skipton in the Summer Holidays

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Things to do in Skipton in the Summer Holidays

Skipton is regarded as the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. It is a beautiful town with good access to the Dales whilst offering plenty of things to see in the town itself.

Skipton Castle

Skipton Castle

The Castle was built shortly after the Norman Invasion. It once dominated the view over the town and surrounding area. Found at the top of High Street, it is a fascinating building. The castle retains some Norman features. It was developed through the medieval period and incorporated ideas and technologies acquired from England’s wars overseas. As a result a visitor can see ‘murder holes’,  sit in an archers loop and see features such as the medieval kitchen and great hall. The castle was, and still is, a home though and some of these elements are displayed. There’s also really visible evidence of the Castles siege and slighting during the Civil Wars. The castle has a good cafe and shop and there’s ample space outside for a picnic.

Skipton Church

Next to the Castle the parish church is well worth a look. Over a thousand years old it is steeped in history. The church has it’s own small shop and cafe.

Skipton Street Market

King John granted Skipton a market charter some 800 years ago. The market is still going strong – and is still held on High Street. Held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, the market offers the best of local produce from the Dales.

Canal Trips

At the canal basin, near the bottom of High Street, it is possible to book short canal journeys. These are a nice way to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy market day, or just to see how the canal and it’s narrow boats worked.


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